Our Mindfulness workshops calm the mind, the nervous system and enhance emotional stabilty to better deal with situations. Our teachers use a variety of meditation techniques, including breathing and concentration, to bring awareness to the mind, feelings and body sensations, to reduce stress and increase well being.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very effective tool to help you thrive in all areas of your life. It can help give you the power to live your life to its full potential. Many who practice mindfulness report that it can enhance their creativity, emotional resilience, clarity of thought and cooperation while reducing stress, feelings of powerlessness, fatigue and somatic illness.

Mindfulness Techniques

Imagine if you could learn to make a small shift in your thinking that could have a major effect on your life, enabling you to have the discernment and focus, to choose where you place your attention and to realise you have the option to make wiser choices in every moment.

‘Being’ is the term we give to the state of mind when you have a neutral and accepting awareness and attention to what is happening in the present moment.

By being in the present moment, you have the opportunity to feel more fully alive; noticing the difficulties of the past and future, but focussed more completely on the present and its potential. You look at life with a fresh approach, be kind to yourself in a non-judgmental way, free yourself from old habits while knowing that the future is yours to create.

Although you can never totally empty your mind of the ‘back chat’ of thoughts, through practising the techniques of the Mindfulness using our programme, you learn to be more present and aware – with an open heart and an open mind to this experience.

Our Mindfulness and well being Courses

  • Enhanced decision making.
  • Effective communication.
  • Stronger teams and leaders.
  • Superior creativity and innovation.
  • Improved engagement.
  • Confidence around change.
  • Greater resilience.
  • Positive wellbeing.

“Feel the power of mindfulness”

When you look back over the last few weeks and months what defining moments can you actually remember?

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