Well Being Workshops

Well Being Workshops

We promote employee wellbeing than provide valuable information on how choices and habits can improve quality of life at work and outside? For both employees and companies promoting awareness of health and wellbeing has a positive return, in a very cost effective way.

Our fun and engaging wellbeing workshops for your staff on various topics such as nutrition, exercise, posture awareness, stress management and much more.

Each session includes practical demonstrations and interaction with plenty of time for feedback. All of our workshops are led by expert speakers and tailored to your specific needs.


  • Raise wellbeing awareness among employess.
  • Reduce costs from absenteeism and staff turnaround.
  • Encourage personal change towards healthier habits.
  • Improve energy levels and productivity.
  • Reduce workplace stress and staff burnout.
  • Comply with health and safety at work.


Our Mindfulness workshops calm the mind, the nervous system and enhance emotional stabilty to better deal with situations. Our teachers use a variety of meditation techniques, including breathing and concentration, to bring awareness to the mind, feelings and body sensations, to reduce stress and increase well being.


Laughter Yoga promotes the ability to stay in positive mental state despite all challenges and is ideal for team bonding and boosting the atmosphere at work. Our unique sessions combine laughing and expression exercises with yogic breathing, to induce better oxygenation, release of endorphins, release of negative thoughts and emotions.


Stress management workshops provide individuals with a range of techniques to help them manage stress, be more resilient and achieve a healthy work-life balance. Your causes and symptoms of stress will be evaluated, along with specific techniques and strategies to relieve suffering, helping you to feel rejuvenated and energised.

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View ”A Peaceful Mind , A Peaceful Life”

”A Peaceful Mind , A Peaceful Life”

View Well Being Workshops

Well Being Workshops

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